Hardfest NYC – Bloody Beetroots, James Murphy, Proxy, Eye – 12.10.11 – Event Review

OMG. There are NO WORDS to explain how good last Saturday’s Hardfest NYC was. The show was definitely one of the best I have ever been to in NYC!

This was my first time seeing James Murphy from the now broken up, LCD Soundsystem. I’ve always heard that they were a group that needed to be seen live to fully appreciate their splendor, after seeing James Murphy, I can see why. I find it easy to decipher when a DJ is more than they what many refer to as just a “laptop operator” but  rather a real musician. He was mixing songs but there was obvious musical intent behind it.

After Murphy played, Bloody Beetroots took the stage and my goodness, they certainly made their presence known and the place just exploded! I always love being right in the middle of a pit when the crowd moves in unison. I caught some great video of their opener and some key tracks. Enjoy below:

If either of these acts are around again, please do yourself a favor and go see them live!! Hope everyone is having a good week and I shall see you on the dance floor tonight at the Diplo show!! Yeeeee!!




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Lorraine handles day-to-day interaction regarding our client accounts. She brings account management experience to the team, having spent five years at a Fortune 100 company working on national accounts such as Pepsi, Revlon, & Clorox. Lorraine loves music, dance, art, yoga/fitness, and travel.
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