Ear Hustlin’ – Tuesday, 12.27.11

what’s good savages,

So I am so very excited to introduce a new section to the SavageCity blog. This is the inaugural post of “Ear Hustlin”.

Here, I will be sharing music from locals that I harass whilst running the streets of this beautiful city I call home, New York City. My goal here is to get a solid diagnostic of what’s new, what’s hot, and what folks are slappin’ these days and share it with my fellow savages.

And real talk, I apologize if I spell your name wrong ahead of time. It’s nothing but love and THANK YOU for sharing a piece of your swagger with the world!

Sooo, here we go bitches!! This is who I came across today:

1) Name: Nicohlas from Brooklyn

Listening to: Meek Mill – Dreamchaser Mixtape

Listen here:

Download here: http://www.datpiff.com/Meek-Mill-Dreamchasers-mixtape.256292.html


2) Name: Urlhan from Long Island City

Listening to: Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My President is Black

Listen here:


3) Name: Rob from UWS

Listening to: New York City Tipico Mix

Listen here: (since I wasn’t able to get an exact track listing, enjoy some other merengue!)


I was pleasantly surprised by what folks are knockin’. It is true when they say, New Yorkers set trends. Meek Mill’s mixtape is slappin, and I would def go download it via the link provided above, if you dig hip hop. I probably wouldn’t have discovered it had it not been for Nicholas, so THANK YOU! Hope ya’ll got turned on to some new ish as well.

So there you have it, Ear Hustlin’s first post! Thank you again to everyone that allowed me to harass them during their daily commute and I will be back soon with more discoveries.

stay well, savages…..




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