Trill Wave MINI MIX – GianniLee – Free Download

As of late, the latest trend in hip-hop has been ambient, lo-fi beats. Whether it be the Odd Future crew, A$AP Rocky or The Weeknd, hip-hop is turning the corner towards a new era of wider acceptance. The chilled out grooves being quite the contrast to past eras such as Gangsta rap of the 90s, or the excessive Bling-Bling days of the 2000s.

Kanye West, being the trendsetter that he is, started elements of the movement with, 808s & Heartbreak, back in 2008 with the synthpop and electronica based album. The trend didn’t catch on in full but the groundwork was laid for today’s version of Trillwave. And if it is still unclear for you, have a taste below from GianniLee. Homeboy basically threw in every MC in the Trill game, from A$AP Rocky, Space Ghost Purp, to Ryshon Jones, Grande Marshall, Flatbush Zombies and Paris Artelli.

Download The Full Project here


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