REVIEW: FatherTiger – EP + Free Download!

Father Tiger, a Los Angeles based synthpop duo comprised of Greg Delson on vocals, synths, programming, songwriting & John Russell on synths, programming, guitar, and percussion. The duo have recently released their brand spanking new 4-track EP.

Upon first listen, Father Tiger’s EP comes off as a refreshing revisit of yesterday’s synthpop with a modern twist. A catchy blend of familiar melodies but with synth-laden electronic beats that encourage spontaneous dancing.

Delson’s vocals on the single worthy, Till The Morning, draw you in and delight, all the while Russell’s driving percussion and synth beats make for a well crafted track. Till The Morning starts off as so many 80’s pop tracks do, with poppy, floaty notes and blossoms into a full guttural “sing-it-in-the shower” love song, with pleas of romance and just one last night.

The track, Lose Our Minds, sounds like a homage to synth gods such as Depeche Mode. The intro has strong New Wave influences, a genre that I don’t get to hear nearly enough of these days. Overall, the EP is a solid listen – it’s bright, fun, vibrant, and well-rounded, giving you a bit of dancable tracks, sing along pop ballads,  and all the reminders of what we loved about the 80s.

If you’re in the LA area tonight, catch them at The Roxy! More info HERE

Give it a listen & Download Here for FREE!!


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2 Responses to REVIEW: FatherTiger – EP + Free Download!

  1. FATHER TIGER says:

    Thank you!!! We love you! 🙂

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